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About Us

Owner, Julie Nowacki

Julie Nowacki

Convergent Promotions was founded in August, 2016 by Julie Nowacki who has worked in the music industry for 15+ years helping manage, develop and mentor emerging Christian artists. Out of this passion of releasing people into their callings, Julie discovered that there was a need to promote and encourage people of all denominations to come together and attend Christ-centered events. Her heart is to unite the Body of Christ, break down the denominational barriers and join together to be One in Spirit & Truth.


Co-Owner, Wayne Nowacki

Wayne Nowacki

Drawn together as spouses through their common passionate faith, Wayne Nowacki has chosen to play a supporting role to assist Julie in her endeavor as an ambassador in the Western Oregon market to help draw together believers in Christ. As a teenager, he attended festivals such as Jesus Northwest in the 80’s and 90’s, which diversified his taste in music beyond the Christian Metal scene. He has 25+ years experience in customer service related fields and created this site as a platform for his wife to follow her passion to bring together the body of Christ around local events, to draw believers together ‘as one’, despite our denominational and experiential boundaries which work to tear apart the Church.


Jacque Langenberg, Local Promote

Local Promoter
Jacque Langenberg

She has been a committed follower of the Christian Music Scene since the early 70s ‘Jesus Music’. She and her husband of 42 years have raised 4 grown and married children in the Eugene/Springfield area, two of which are currently employed in the Christian Music Industry. Over her 18 year span of working in Music Festivals, volunteering at concerts in the Northwest, and promoting Christian music, she has seen many changes and loves watching God move in new and creative ways.