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Do you know what God wants you to do? Are you needing additional support to follow that plan?

If so, we offer services to help consult, manage and equip you with resources to take your God given dream and turn it into a reality.

Through a large network of contacts, a background in professional development and a desire to see you fulfill God’s potential, you will have the necessary guidance to step out of your comfort zone. We will encourage, challenge and hold you accountable to follow through with what God has in store for your life.

Contact us today for more information: convergentpromotions@gmail.com

Here’s what people are saying:

In the ten years I worked with Julie Nowacki, I found her contribution to my own personal ministry development, to be an invaluable resource. Julie was instrumental in helping me develop as an artist, both in business management training, communication skills, time management, as well as personal growth and ministry coaching. Her ability to speak truthfully, yet in love and kindness, is a reflection of Julie’s heart. Her speech is seasoned with grace. Her mind is sharp, able to see the big picture, yet she is acutely attuned and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Her love for people is one of her greatest assets, surpassed only by her love for God and her strive for personal integrity and truth. Working with Julie was one of the greatest joys of my life. I would highly recommend her. Not only is she a wonderful business woman, she’s an even greater friend. – T. Johnson